Donna’s Introduction



I call York, PA home.  I am married, we have one son and two adorable granddaughters.  My hobbies include cooking, quilting and reading.

I have been a Family and Consumer Science Teacher for 31 years.  Due to budget cuts my district eliminated my program.  I decided to take an educational sabbitical instead of being unemployed.  Hopefully I pass the Middle School Math Praxis so I can return to the classroom for a couple of years.  I would like to retire with 35 years of service.

Goal one is to develop math strategies and techniques to help me make the adjustment into a math classroom.

I have never taken an online course before.  Goal two is to become more familiar with the computer as a tool to aid in my education and that of my students.


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  1. Donna,

    it is so sad for our students that many of the arts classes including FCS or shop classes have been cut back or eliminated. These course often help kids make connections to real life where they can apply many of the math skills they learn in theri academic classes.

    You are a great example to follow with the way you are making this shift.


  2. Finally, I think I have this figured out. I too am going to take the praxis this spring. I thought Indiana was the only state cutting back on teachers! I am special ed K-12 and want to make myself more marketable. Good Luck!

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