My Mathography


To be honest I am having trouble remembering my school years.  It was ages ago.  I pulled out my old report cards to see if they would jog my memory.  My kindergarten records states I could count and understand numbers to 10 but, I was not checked off for recognizing numbers to 10.  It’s hard to believe children now a day have to be able to count to 100 before entering school.  My three year old granddaughter can recognize numbers at least until 10 and almost counts to 20. She consistently skips 13. 

            My early memories of math are lots and lots of worksheets.  Many of the worksheets were busy work to keep us quiet and well behaved while the teacher was running reading groups.  One early thing I learned in math and enjoyed were patterns.  The problems would show a shape that is moving or changed and you would select the example that represents the next in the series.  I enjoy puzzles and these problems were similar to puzzles. I still enjoy puzzles, especially Sudoku.

            Mr. Winslow was my favorite teacher.  He taught 9th grade algebra.  He had a good sense of humor and could relate well to students.  My self esteem was low in middle school but I felt comfortable in his class.  Mr. Winslow’s patience and encouragement allowed me to have the attitude that I could be successful in his classroom.  I really amazed myself by getting a 98 on the New York State Regents exam that year.  I am not a good test taker and up to this point, a high B was my personal best.

            Math was not my favorite subject but I’m not sure I had a favorite subject.  School was not my favorite place to be.  I much preferred being home.


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  1. Donna, I love your colorful background! I am glad I am not the only one that can’t remember everything. I am impressed you still have your old report cards. I was shocked when I learned last year what they expect children to know when they start school. What about parents who have bright children but do not know this? I wonder how long would it take for them to catch up. On the other hand if you read my blog my teacher started out teaching us 2 + 2 which I thought was silly and way too simple. There has to be a middle ground…

  2. I too am suprised you have your old report cards! That is great. I didn’t know they expected kids to count to 100 before entering school. I don’t remember but I would bet that I couldn’t do this at age 5. Thanks for sharing about your favorite teacher! Great example of how classroom environment can make a difference in what students learn.

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