Evaluating My Definitions of Equations and Functions


After reviewing my classmate’s definitions I need to revise mine.  To my definition of an equation I would add that equations have equal signs.  To my function definition I would add the rule that there is one output for every input.  I think these additions make my definitions more accurate.

I would add the following example for functions:

Find f(4) if f(x) = 3x +7       f(4) = 3(4) + 7       f(4) = 12 + 7         f(4) = 19

When assessing the student’s knowledge I like to use pinch cards.  Each student is given a 5×7” card with the words equation and function written in big letters.  I would ask a series of question such as “Is f(x) = -5x – 4 an equation or function?”  The students pinch near their answer on the cards and hold them up over their heads.  This technique works best if the students are conditioned to allow for a short wait time and then everyone shows their response at the same time, on a signal given by the teacher.


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